Pittsburgh’s Mansions


Paperback, 128 pages.
by Melanie Linn Gutowski

In the 19th century, Pittsburgh and Allegheny became major manufacturing centers, and the rise of the area’s steel industry created a wave of prosperity that prompted the beneficiaries of that wealth to build extravagant residences. Wealthy enclaves sprang up in Allegheny City, across the river in the East End , and into the countryside. Pittsburgh’s Mansions explores the stately homes of the area’s prominent residents from the 1830’s through the 1920’s. Businessmen like H.J. Heinz, Henry Clay Frick, and members of the Mellon family commissioned elaborate homes from the top architects of the day. Firms such as Alden & Harlow, Janssen & Abbott, and Rutan & Russell left their marks on the citys landscape, often contributing iconic public buildings as well as expansive private homes. Though many of the residences have since been lost, Pittsburgh’s Mansions offers a look back at the peak of the city’s prominence.

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