June 14, 2009

Manchester Tour NEW DATE!

Come along to “Old Chester”

The Manchester Tour program will begin every 75 minutes from 12 to 3:45 at the beautiful facilities of the Manchester Citizens Corporation, located at the corner of Allegheny and Pennsylvania Avenues.
(Parking is available next to the MCC headquarters.)

The Allegheny City Society’s tour of Manchester will focus on renewal as well as history. If you haven’t been to Manchester in a while, join our bus tour; enjoy some great oral histories, and have a glass of the “Blend” made famous by Manchester’s Reymer brothers. Please plan to share your memories and recollections with us.

Following a brief overview we will travel about the community for an hour or so and then return to the MCC community hall to examine displays picturing present and past scenes of Manchester as well as several oral histories of folks who call Manchester their home.

Reservations should be made for tour groups starting at noon, 1:15, 2:30, and 3:45..

Tour Cost — $15.

Call Ruth at 412.354.6132 or the Cannings at 412.322.3974 for reservations and directions.

In cooperation with Historic Manchester.

No meal will be provided.