Around Troy Hill, Spring Hill, and Reserve Township


Paperback, 128 pages.
by James W. Yanosko

The Reserve Tract across from Fort Pitt was set aside in the 1780s by the government of Pennsylvania to raise funds to pay the troops who had served during the American Revolutionary War.  Although many areas in the commonwealth were set aside like this, few grew to such prominence as the distinct neighborhoods of Troy Hill, Spring Garden, Spring Hill, and Mount Troy. German and Croatian immigrants flocked to the area on the outskirts of Allegheny City, and along with them came their customs, religions, skills, and traditions. They helped build a nation by providing steel, leather products, food, and even beer; their spirit and work ethic set a standard that many Americans to this day try to emulate. The Heinz complex, the old E&O Brewery, St. Anthony”s Chapel, Most Holy Name Church, and the Teutonia Mannerchor are several of the local landmarks that were established generations ago and are still being utilized today.

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