Historic Pittsburgh

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Historic Pittsburgh is a comprehensive collection of local resources that supports personal and scholarly research of the western Pennsylvania area. This Web site enables access to historic material held by the University of Pittsburgh’s University Library System, the Library & Archives of the Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania at the Heinz History Center, Carnegie Museum of Art, and Chatham College Archives. The project represents a model of cooperation between libraries, museums and institutions of higher learning in providing centralized access to selections of their respective historic materials.

Searching for Allegheny City maps and images on the Historic Pittsburgh website:

Maps: After opening the Historic Pittsburgh website

  1. click on “Maps”
  2. Click on G.M. Hopkins Collections
  3. click on Brouse
  4. Select one of the following maps of Allegheny City or the North Side: 1872 Pittsburgh and Allegheny, 1876 Pittsburgh and Allegheny, 1890 Allegheny City Vol.1, 1890 Allegheny City Vol.2, 1901 Allegheny City Vol.1, 1902 Allegheny City Vol.2, 1925 City of Pittsburgh (North Side) Vol.4, 1925 City of Pittsburgh (North Side) Vol.5.

Images: After opening the Historic Pittsburgh website

  1. click on Images
  2. click on Explore
  3. click on Location
  4. either us the map (the best section is the large area where the original center of Allegheny City was — it is called North Side) or scroll down in the list below the map to “North Side.” You’ll find hundreds of great images of North Side locations.