August 10, 2017

ACS North Shore Walking Tour

Join us at 6:15 at the Allegheny Landing Sculpture Garden (east of the Roberto Clemente Bridge) to sign in; walk begins at 6:30. We will walk along the north shoreline of the Allegheny River exploring the beginnings of Allegheny City. The north shore of the river holds many significant historical sites showing the growth of the City, such as cotton mills, canal locks, ferries, and railroad bridges. As the city developed, the shoreline was the territory of vast iron and steel mills, tanneries and a ketchup factory. The factories are gone now replaced with sport stadiums, hotels, parking lots,veteran’s monuments, and a casino. 

We will walk along the Three Rivers Heritage trail which is flat and graveled. Parking can be found on the street (No baseball game!) 

After the walk we will drop in at Atria’s for a drink (a true North Shore landmark) Paperwork signing and socializing at 6:15 We start walking at 6:30 

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(Photo courtesy Google Street View)